Blessing in 2017 (part 2)

We are continually encouraged by all the individuals that come alongside of us and are passionate with us for our ministries. In 2017 we had a transition of some ministries that we are still able to be a part of and some that the Lord is transitioning us out of. We still try to visit Grace of God Orphanage as often as we can, but with starting GOGO sauces, now we have the children come to our house to help us with the business.


But the children are still very dear to our hearts. With the books that were sent to us last year we were able to start a small early reader library at GOGO. This library will help them continue to strengthen their education. When we asked the director of the orphanage something that would bless the children this year for Christmas. He stated that the children needed something to put their clothes and belongings in. Through the help of a donor family, we were able to purchase a large storage bin for each child, so now each child has a place that they can put all of their belongings in that will be safe. We were also able to provide each child with a new pair of shoes and some small supplies.


The children at the orphanage continue to inspire me. Our Chichewa and their English are improving so we are starting to be able to communicate better with each other but it is still difficult at times. But as we have learned this year, there are so many things that can be communicated without speaking. The children come once or twice a month and help us cut vegetables for the sauces. They are also wonderful at helping take care of Aaron so we can focus on making the sauces.


One day when the children were leaving, I saw that they had written a Bible verse in English about joy and hope. They are planting God’s word deep in their hearts. Every time they are here, they are very thankful to have something different to do and to spend time with us in our house. Truthfully it is not fun work. Sometimes they cut hundreds of tomatoes and apples. But it is a joy to spend time with them and to continue to learn more and more about them. When we are growing in our relationship with Christ in order for us to get to know him, we need to spend time with him. I feel like this is exactly what God is calling us to do, to just spend time with them. Let them know that there is a big God up there and that he loves them. But he has also sent people like us that really love them and care about them and want to spend time with them also.


There were 5 students from GOGO orphanage that were able to complete their form 4 exams last May. That meant that they were able to pass High School. At this time they graduated out of the orphanage and were able to live with others in the village. These students have become near and dear to our hearts, and have almost become additional family members to us. We are able to see them about one to two times a week. They come to an orphan care center with us and help us teach, they help us make the sauces, and they come help clean the house and help with laundry on weekends. The Lord has provided some money so that we can hire them for this work which helps support them while they are living on their own. And we are able to spend time with them often and encourage them in this transition season of their lives.


At Christmas time we were able to take them out to eat. Most of these kids are not able to ever go out to eat, so it was a huge blessing to be able to provide for them to have this experience. We were able to take them to a store that is kind of like a good will. They were able pick out some new clothes and we were able to provide them with a small bucket of food to take back to their homes. We are very grateful for these relationships with these kids and hope the relationship continues to grow.


There is a ministry a few hours away from our house that a partnering Global Teams member is a part of. This is a ministry where many individuals that have disabilities are able to come and have a Bible study with each other and give support to each other. We were able to visit and attend their Bible study and spend some time fellowshipping with them. This is a ministry that is near to our heart. We were also able to supply them with some additional Bibles so that many more individuals can continue to know the Word of God and grow closer and closer to the Lord and continue to trust in him to meet all their needs. As we were leaving for the trip an additional box of books arrived in the mail. We were able to provide a small library for the kids to have and a small gift for each child.


From our time in Malawi there is a dependence on the Lord that was never there before. We feel his hand of protection and blessing over us daily. One night during our mealtime prayers I felt lead to pray for protection. About 20 minutes later Aaron was climbing and fell off the chair backwards and hit his head on the cement. But the Lord protected us in that situation and he didn’t even get a bump.


We had our dog, Obed, ever since the kids were young. These last 2 years we have all been missing having a dog. But with having no fence and coming back to America every few years. We didn’t think we should since there would be no one to watch him. About 6 months ago, we were having a hard time with wild dogs in our area. They were everywhere and it was hard for the kids to play outside not wanting them to get attacked by wild dogs. We noticed that there was one dog that was different. Dogs here are treated very differently, even the ones that are pets. They normally are very hesitant around people, since many people here are mean to dogs. We noticed right away that it definitely was not a stray and he was probably owned by a non-Malawian. We adopted him and are so grateful for our wonderful dog. Our neighbors have gotten used to him and everyone loves him so they will take care of him when we go back to the States.


Every day the Lord continues to grow and stretch me. I am continually reminded to not plan too far ahead but to keep focused on the Lord and where he is leading me


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