Monthly Archives: May 2015

Keep on following the Lord

We are sorry for this silence in the last month. Due to the ongoing terrorist threats to the specific type of work we planned to do in Kenya, Global Teams has requested that we pursue work in a different area of Africa. So over this past month we have been seeking God’s amazing wisdom in this time in our lives. There are so many verses that He has been speaking to our lives. The one that rings so clear right now is Isaiah 30:21 “Whether you turn to the left, or the right, your ears will hear a voice behind you saying this is the way, walk in it.”  We are in the process of discerning that place now and hope to have concrete plans in place by the end of June. This decision will require an initial visit to Malawi determine our exact location and to clarify the logistics for our move. While this location change sets our launch date out a bit further, we are thankful that we serve with an organization that cares for the well being of us as field partners and is able to assist us in finding the right area to serve.

Here are some prayer requests

* Save travels for Luke and I as we are getting ready to head to Africa in the next few weeks to see our options for our new placement.

* Pray for us to have continued discernment and wisdom for our new location within Malawi.

* Continue to pray for Kenya that God quickly fills in the gaps and has new people fill the roles that we were going to be in.

* Continue to pray for financial partners as Luke’s job ends in a 2 weeks and we can reach our new goal to be in the field by September.

Thank You for all of us that our praying for us and we will continue to keep you updated on our new plans. But we are very excited as we continue to trust in the Lord daily for his strength and guidance.